We connect global capital to African opportunities.

Our hands-on approach creates value for our investors, companies and in the communities we serve.


We invest from early-stage through to the growth phase of SMEs operating in our focus sectors. Our technology vertical enables us to invest in innovations that enhance value- chains in these sectors.

Long term growth based on booming consumer demand for food, agri-products & beverages

We invest in companies along the food and agribusiness value-chain. We look to improve productivity, integrate value-chains, and increase access to finance, inputs, education, markets.

Our investments look to improve productivity, focus on value addition, and increase access to nutritious food in a climate conscious way.


Poor electrical coverage and climate change are driving the imperative for sustainable energy technologies

Longmark’s energy vision is to improve and accelerate electricity access through the adoption of sustainable renewable technologies that improve quality, reliability, and viability of the electricity value-chain.

Our investments in this sector represent an imperative response in the direction of reducing the effects of the global warming crisis on the African population and stimulating local markets.


Technology and innovation play a critical role in our investment sectors

Our technology vertical invests in innovations that support, enhance, simplify food production, access to inputs, finance, markets, or education that ultimately benefits youth and women.

Innovations applied to the renewables sector remain key in improving access to clean energy through loss reduction and managing efficiencies in a dynamic energy supply market.


Low universal coverage in healthcare is driving the need for alternative affordable solutions

Longmark’s Healthcare approach is to improve universal coverage through the provision of affordable high-quality healthcare to reduce the need to fund out of pocket treatment.

We look for companies that are working to increase access to healthcare through technological enablement or an innovative approach to the existing challenges.


The emerging middle class, technology, and rapid urbanisation is driving the education imperative

We aim to stimulate and accelerate innovation to enhance access, quality, and value of education across Africa by providing investment support to services which drive new practices shaping education on the continent.

Improve access to education through capacity building and investing in quality, relevant and affordable education services especially in under-served markets.


Our impact supports food security, job creation, skills development, market access and inclusion for women and youth.

Our team has a track record investing, advising, sourcing, structuring and executing deals in Africa

Mothobi Seseli
Mothobi Seseli
Investment professional and business owner with over 28 years’ experience as CEO, investor and economist. Founded Argon Asset Management and grew it to over $2bn AuM. Mothobi holds a Postgraduate Qualifications from the University of Oxford and Stanford University among other accreditations.
Kagiso Machele
Kagiso Machele
Kagiso is a corporate executive with over 25 years' experience in deal structuring and execution in Africa. His vast experience includes deals with transaction experience totalling US$1.9bn. He has worked in Financial Markets and in organisations in Aviation and Mining. Kagiso holds Postgraduate Qualifications from Instead and UNISA among other accreditations.
Tawu Chipato
Tawu Chipato
Tawu is an investor who has co-founded and ran an agri-business operations in Africa to increase value-chain capacity and under-utilized assets. He continues to advise SMEs, governments and other businesses in various CXO advisory roles. Tawu holds an Executive MBA from the University of Oxford and is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

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